Endless Beauty specializes in natural, earth-friendly, and technologically advanced facial treatments.

We are pleased to offer you the following luxurious facial treatments.

-Specially Formulated Facial Treatments-
For both ladies and gentleman

-Classic Facials-​

All classic facials include cleansing, exfoliation with steam, extractions, high frequency, facial massage, mask and head and shoulder massage.


​Basic Facial (45 mins) 58.00
​This express facial is for anyone who is struggling with acne, breakouts and irregular skin. This facial focuses on extractions and finishes with a purifying mask.

Signature Facial (60 mins) 88.00
The signature facial is a very relaxing facial and provides a basic skin regime. It is recommended for people who do not have any significant problems with their skin, such as excessive oil production, breakouts or aging skin.

Sensitive Skin Facial (60 mins) 88.00
This treatment is specially designed for clients with sensitive skin and rosacea. Highly comforting ingredients such as balm mint extract soothe and calm redness and irritation.

Deep Pore Purifying Facial (60 mins) 88.00
This facial is specially designed for people who have excessive oil production and acne-prone skin. We focus on extractions and use oil-free products.

-Serenity Facials-

All Serenity facials include cleansing, exfoliation with steam, extractions, high-frequency, ultrasound treatment, facial massage, mask and head and shoulder massage.


Whitening Facial (75 mins) 108.00
​It contains multivitamins and phyto protein to help whiten skin, purify uneven skin tone and lighten pigmentation. Ideal for clients who are struggling with sun damage and blotchy skin.

Collagen Chamomile Facial (75 mins) 108.00
Pure collagen gel helps to moisturize the skin directly. Chamomile smoothing mask contain chamomile aroma, algae extract, and smoothing factor. Skin becomes supple, smooth, plumped and intensely hydrated.

Caviar Facial (75 mins) 108.00
Notice new smoothness and brightness with this caviar facial designed for mature skin. Known for its anti-aging properties, caviar contains antioxidants that prevent collagen and elastin breakdown and thus prevent wrinkles. Ideal for clients who want to see firmer, brighter skin.

EGF Rose Facial (75 mins) 108.00
Epidermal Growth Factor is used to restore skin’s youthful radiance, rejuvenate complexion and minimize signs of aging. Rose essence has an anti-aging effect to improve skin’s elasticity and brighten skin tone.

-Premium Facials-

All Premium facials include cleansing, exfoliation with steam, extractions, high frequency, ultrasound, LED treatment, facial massage, mask and head and shoulder massage.


Dibi Hydra Perfection Facial (85 mins) 138.00
Experience intense hydration with this facial designed to nourish and moisturize skin deep into the epidermis. Restore your hydrolipid film with this facial that replenishes your skin’s natural mechanisms of self-hydration.

Selvert Anti-Aging Facial (85 mins) 148.00
Suitable for mature, sensitized and devitalized skin. This facial is ideal for those who want to fight signs of aging and restore luminosity and youth to their complexion. It helps combat the early onset of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Stem Cell Facial (85 mins) 148.00
Stem cells can regenerate life. This facial will help delay oxidative stress, preserve the longevity of epidermal cells and restore mother cells. Includes a healing mask infused with phyto stem cells and collagen that combat chronological aging by boosting the production of human skin stem cells. Includes 15 minutes of lifting Radio Frequency treatment.



  • 3 MicroDermabrasion Express $109
  • 5 MicroDermabrasion Express $169
  • Any 3 Classic Facials (reg $230) $199
  • Any 3 Serenity Facials (reg $294) $239
  • Any 3 Premium Facials (reg $414) $319​​
  • 3 MicroDermabrasion + 3 Classic Facial $298
  • 3MicroDermbarasion + 3 Serenity Facial $338
  • 3 MicroDermabrasion + 3 Premium Facial $418


  • Gold mask neck treatment $38
  • RF Lifting Eye treatment $38
  • RF Lifting Face treatment $48
  • Hot Stone Facial Massage $28
  • LED treatment $38
  • Eye Treatment with mask $28
  • Pearl Clay Mask $18
  • Hydrating Cream or Gel mask $13